*PRINTABLE* Give This Holiday Card Before Brava Is Delivered

Due to the holidays, we have seen some unexpected delays in shipping with FedEx. If you’re wondering where your package is, our Customer Success team has the following updates:

  • If you ordered 12/3-12/4, your Brava shipped 12/12.
  • If you ordered 12/5-12/9, your Brava will ship 12/13.
  • For delivery by 12/24, order up until 12/18. If needed, we will upgrade your shipping at no additional charge to guarantee delivery of the Starter Set.*

We appreciate your business and patience during the busy holiday season. If you ordered a Brava after the cut-off date, we’ve created this printable card for you to gift to your loved ones so they know their Brava is on the way. The text is editable. Alternatively, print out the blank card and hand-write your note.

Download the PDF printable by clicking this link:

Brava Christmas Card Printable

Brava Holiday Card Printable

Contact Customer Success if you have questions about the status of your order by emailing us at hello@brava.com or by calling (855) 276-6767. Happy Holidays!

*If you ordered Chef’s Choice, we will guarantee delivery of the Brava, TempSensor, Glass Tray and Metal Tray. Additional accessories will be shipped separately and may arrive at a later day.

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