Back-to-School with Brava

Summer always seems to go by too fast and as the school year approaches I find myself in the exact same predicament as the year before. Did I remember to get my three daughters their back-to-school essentials? Have I confirmed who is going to pick up my two youngest from school Tuesdays and Thursdays? How am I going to fit in dinner before ballet? I know I’m not alone in arranging the puzzle pieces that make up the life of a working mom. Between carpools and school lunches, guitar lessons and ballet practice, cooking and clean up, we juggle a lot on weeknights. But thankfully, I do have one trick that makes those pieces fit together a bit better and that’s Brava.

This Fall, meals at my home are going to be much easier and way faster. With Brava, my family and I are able to get a healthy meal (made from scratch) on the dinner table in the time it would take to preheat my regular oven! As for clean-up, Brava trays go straight into the dishwasher. Now when I get home from work at 6:00pm, I can put dinner in the Brava, hang out with my girls (without standing over the stove) and have dinner on the table by 6:30pm.

And, I cook more than just my mains in Brava. Saturday night, I roasted a tray of potatoes, which only took 17 minutes! The next morning I used the leftover potatoes to make individual frittatas in the Brava Egg Tray for breakfast. It’s broken up into four distinct cups, so I made one frittata with cheese, one without and added a little bacon to the last two. With one tray, each of my girls could have the breakfast they wanted. This morning I used Brava for frozen whole grain toaster waffles and topped them with peanut butter, berries and bananas. It was quick and easy for me, healthy and delicious for my kids.

So even though this year was no different – summer came and went and I still found myself asking the same questions – only now, figuring out breakfast, lunch and dinner for my family will not be one of them. This Fall, we will not be stressing about mealtime at our house, Brava has changed our routine and our lives.

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