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Releases for Friday, 5/3

  • Coffee Cake (Bake only)
  • No Knead Bread (Bake only)
  • Chilaquiles (Double-Decker)
  • Salmon (Skinless) + Asparagus
  • Salmon (Skinless) + Broccoli
  • Salmon (Skinless) + Cherry Tomatoes
  • Salmon (Skinless) + Baby Broccoli
  • Salmon (Skinless) + Snap Peas
  • Salmon (Skinless) + Snow Peas
  • Salmon (Skinless) + Sweet Potatoes
  • Beyond Burger
  • Pork Chop (Boneless) with Dry Rub
  • Pork Chop (Boneless) with Marinade

You can find all available recipes on the Brava app orĀ Brava website.

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