Memorial Day, the Brava Way!

We are one day closer to a three day weekend and it’s time to start thinking about your Memorial Day meals! While we’re hoping it’s a beautiful weekend to get outside and enjoy some sun, we’re also preparing for a rainy day!

Hot dogs with mustard and ketchup

Let’s start with Hot Dogs, a Memorial Day must have! In less than 9-minutes, you can get evenly cooked hot dogs that are ready to be spiced up with some condiments. That’s all the reason we need to celebrate!

There’s no skirting around this Skirt Steak Salad. Add your avocados and cherry tomatoes and you’re practically ready for summer!

Did you think we’d forget about dessert? Nope… not today, not ever! With Brava rapid pre-heat, you can have these delicious Chocolate Coconut Brownies ready for guests in under 25-minutes. Grab some red, white, and blue sprinkles and let’s get this celebration started!

Use Brava this #memorialday weekend to help get delicious and tasty meals out on the table faster so you can spend more time enjoying the company of the people you love. If you’ve been thinking about buying a Brava, now is your time! We are offering $150 off your purchase through 5/29. Buy your Brava today!


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