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Step up your chef game with these new releases! These recipes are sure to make your guests jaws drop! Don’t forget to post your favorite Brava masterpieces on Facebook and Instagram tagging @BravaHome and using the hashtag #BravaLife!

New Brava and App Recipes:

New App Only Recipes:

New Brava and App Ingredients

Changes to your Brava

Custom Cooks: You can now personalize and save your own recipes! You can choose to start from scratch or build off one our Recipe Programs!

How it works:

  1. You can access Custom Cooks from the tile on your Brava Home Screen
  2. You can use Custom Cookes to create, save, and share your own Recipes
  3. Already cooking something you love using a Brava Recipe Program, but want to add an additional sear? Now you can! Just select the Create Custom Cook button after finishing a Recipe Program to add your additional steps

Custom Cook Keys and Sharing Feature: Once you’ve published your Custom Cook, Brava will create a Custom Cook Key that can be shared with other Brava owners.

  • You can publish your Custom Cook from the Share screen
  • You can edit a recipe by selecting re-publish to update it
  • Enter your Custom Cook Key using the Key Icon on the Custom Cook screen
  • You can’t edit someones Custom Cook recipe, but you can make a copy and edit the copy with your personalization

Other Brava Changes:

  • Re-introducing the +30 second button
  • You can now select a single Zone in Pro Cook
  • You can now select 4 different power levels: Off, Low, Medium, High, and Sear for a single Zone in Pro Cook
  • You can now include Pro Cook with Custom Cook settings
  • Brava will now dynamically adjust the cook time if the Brava chamber is still hot
  • You can now use your TempSensor when using Brava Manual Modes (Sear, Bake, Air Fry)

Have any questions lets us know by emailing hello@brava.com. Looking for a specific recipe? Let us know by emailing suggestions@brava.com!

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