What’s New 03/03/20

This week, our releases are all about making your life easier and more delicious. We’re releasing two Multi-Step Recipes and a new ingredient that you’ll want to make on repeat!

New Multi-Step Recipes:

  • Chicken Parmesan: Chef George Duran has taken an Italian-American classic and made it better in the Brava. In a conventional oven, chicken parmesan bakes for 45 minutes and requires turning on the broiler, while Brava’s takes less than 23 minutes total, including prep. Plus, the cheese gets all bubbly and blistered! Serve it with marinara and fresh basil.
  • Eggs and Bacon:  Our latest Combo has been a customer request for a while! Just pop the tray of bacon into the Brava, add the eggs in a few minutes later, and treat yourself to a full hot breakfast. 

New Ingredient:


  • Changed various Breakfast Sandwich recipes to state sandwich quantity instead of egg quantity.
  • Added a Serving Size dropdown menu to the App and Web for multiple recipes that have Serving Sizes of 2 and of 4 people.
  • Added a Crust Type dropdown menu to the App and Web for all Pizza recipes.
    • Brava will automatically have the chosen Crust Type selected after sending the cook to the Brava from the app.
  • Added Shelf Detection to the following:
    • All Carrot Combos
    • All Cauliflower Combos
    • All Corn Combos
    • All Eggplant Combos
    • All Fennel Combos
    • All Green Bean Combos
    • All Mushroom Combos


  • Fixed various bolding inconsistencies in recipe instructions.
  • Fixed recipe name inconsistencies between Brava and App.

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