A Complete List of Brava’s Best Custom Cook Recipes

Brava’s unique Custom Cook feature allows you to modify existing Brava recipes or create entirely new recipes that you can share with other Brava users. In fact, you can download and save Custom Cooks created by other Brava users straight to your Brava and Brava App!

Brava chefs and employees have been busy creating new Custom Cooks ever since shelter-in-place orders came into effect. Like many of you, we’re cooking in Brava more than ever before! 

Our software designers are building a database right now to make it easy to search, discover and download your favorite Custom Cooks. In the meantime, we created a list of our favorite Custom Cooks from our Brava culinary team as well as some of our very own employees that we will update weekly until we launch the database. Check back every week for more recipes!

Brava Chef Andrew’s Custom Cooks:

Brava Chef Annie’s Custom Cooks:

Brava Chef Erin’s Custom Cooks:

Brava Chef Travis’ Custom Cooks:

Chef George Duran’s Custom Cooks:

Riffs on Brava Combos:

Zac’s Custom Cooks:

Anna’s Custom Cooks:

JD’s Custom Cooks:

Shyam’s Custom Cooks:

Cody’s Custom Cooks:

JT’s Custom Cooks:

Elliot’s Custom Cooks:

Show off all your latest cooks by posting to Brava Home’s Facebook Community or sharing on Brava Home’s Instagram using the hashtag #BravaLife.

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