What’s New, 10/27/20

Cooler temperatures are here! We’re just getting started with soup recipes, roasted vegetables, and festive treats, and spoiler alert: they’re all delicious. Keep reading to find our new recipes and check in every Tuesday for more new releases.

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  • Slow Cooked Chicken Soup: Cozy up with a bowl of this Slow Cooked Chicken Soup in front of a crackling fire. This recipe has all of the elements of the classic: chicken, broth, carrots, celery, aromatic onions, garlic, and herbs. The best part? Everything comes together at the press of a button in the Chef’s Pan. Serve with fresh herbs and buttery toast.
  • Maple-Glazed Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Fall Vegetables: Pork tenderloin and vegetables get the ultimate seasonal Fall treatment in this recipe. Squash, fennel, and shallots combine for a caramelized vegetable base before the pork tenderloin is roasted with a maple glaze. This recipe will make your kitchen smell incredible while cooking in the Brava Square Pan.
  • Halloween Monster Cookies: Halloween Monster Cookies are a fun treat and a great way to use up leftover Halloween candy. Chef Erin uses M&Ms® and Kit Kats® in the dough before baking on the Brava Metal Tray, but feel free to use your favorites. Press candy corn into the cookies right after baking for a festive twist.

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  • Get to know your Brava Chefs: Chef George Duran recently kicked off a new Facebook live series: Get to Know Your Brava Chefs. In the latest episode, Chef George and Chef Annie talk about their love of seasonal cooking and a day in the life of a Brava chef. Tune in Mondays at 1pm on Facebook for more episodes.

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