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The countdown to the big game is on and we’re still going strong with the football recipes! This week we’re launching Chile con Queso, Homemade Tortilla Chips, and a Classic Cheeseburger with Brava Secret Sauce. Chef Travis also put together the ultimate Brava Game Day Eats guide just for you. We’re talking wings, nachos, pulled pork, jalapeño poppers, the works.

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  • Classic Cheeseburger with Brava Secret Sauce: It doesn’t get more festive than a burger on game day. Thanks to the Metal Tray and Brava’s Sear feature, this Classic Cheeseburger is caramelized on the outside and juicy on the inside, no grill required.  Chef Travis also included a recipe for a secret sauce that’ll rival the spread at your favorite burger joint.
  • Chile Con Queso: Chile con Queso is a quintessential Texas dish, so naturally, we called on Chef Travis to get back to his Texas roots and Brava-tize it. Roasted chilies, spices, and melted cheese – what’s not to love? Make this recipe in the Chef’s Pan and serve with Tortilla Chips, Nachos, or Tacos.
  • Tortilla Chips: When Chef Travis has leftover corn tortillas he makes these Tortilla Chips in the Brava. Traditionally, making tortilla chips from scratch requires a deep frying setup. With Brava, simply brush corn tortillas with oil, arrange on the Metal Tray, and press the green button. Serve with salsa and your favorite guacamole.

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  • Chimichurri Nachos: Nachos get a fresh kick with chimichurri in this Chef George recipe. The classic South American sauce gives an herby, garlicky kick to the classic snack. To make, arrange chips, shredded cheese, and chimichurri on the Metal Tray, and press the green button. Yep, it’s that easy.
  • Loaded Tater Tot Kebabs: This recipe from Chef George is his take on tater tot nachos (or tatchos). Serving them on skewers makes it easier for guests to grab and snack. Once cooked on the Metal Tray, top skewers with your favorite fixings, such as sour cream, crispy bacon, and jalapeño.

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