What’s New, 05/11/21

This week we’re sharing simple, flavorful twists on classics. Add Cheesy Scrambled Eggs and Pressed Cuban Sandwiches to your recipe rotation and thank us later! We’re also breaking down spice rub recipes from our culinary team that’ll pump up the flavor of any savory dish. Check back every Tuesday for more tasty Brava updates.

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  • Cheesy Scrambled Eggs: This recipe adds a cheesy twist to scrambled eggs. Here, eggs and shredded cheese come together with a splash of milk in the Square Pan for a simple, satisfying breakfast. Enjoy with cracked black pepper, herbs, or your favorite hot sauce.
  • Pressed Cuban Sandwiches: A traditional Cuban sandwich is made with thinly sliced ham, pork, mustard, and pickles, and it’s served in a soft white roll that’s crisped up on the outside. Chef Geroge gives it a Brava spin and cooks this sandwich open-faced on the Brava Metal Tray, which crisps and browns the exterior.
  • 8 Spice Rubs You’ll Use on Everything: Our culinary team swears by these spice rubs for adding a quick punch of flavor to savory dishes. With less than five minutes of prep and simple ingredients, we know you’ll love these spice rubs, too.

Changes: We also sent out another weekly update to everyone’s Bravas. Here are the changes:

New Ingredient:

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