What’s New, 08/10/21

Marinated Shrimp Skewers and Zucchini Fritters are on the menu this week and they’re sure to be instant hits. We’re also launching two new ingredient updates you don’t want to miss. Keep reading to get the scoop, and check back every Tuesday for more new releases.

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  • Shrimp Skewers: A quick marinade of spices, lime juice, and garlic adds classic Mexican flavors to shrimp before they are seared on skewers in the Brava.  Enjoy with fresh lime wedges to bring the dish together.
  • Zucchini Fritters: If you’re swimming in zucchini from the garden, this recipe is for you. Grated zucchini, fresh herbs, and creamy feta cheese are formed into fritters that crisp up like a dream on the Brava Metal Tray.  Enjoy with yogurt and lemon for a dish that feels like Summer.

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New Ingredient:

Ingredient Changes:

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