Community Spotlight: In the Kitchen with Theresa Bush

There’s a lot to love about the Brava community and today we’re excited to highlight another member who inspires us in the kitchen. We sat down with Theresa Bush, who first began cooking with Brava over three years ago — so you already know she has Brava cooking hacks up her sleeve.

Q: Tell us about yourself! What’s your background with cooking?

A: There’s not much exciting to say about me. I’m a housewife and mother of two grown children. I’ve been married to my husband, Greg, for 32 years. He’s actually the one to discover the Brava and buy it for us, to make my life easier. As for my background in cooking, there really isn’t much. I’m a meat and potatoes kind of gal. I usually fix pretty basic recipes. I am definitely a recipe follower. I love trying new foods and new recipes. Whenever we travel, I am the first one to try something new, something that I wouldn’t get the opportunity to try at home.

Q:  How has your life changed since having a Brava?

A: I’m a planner. I always like to know the night before what I will be making the following day. I will take out anything that I may need out of the freezer, &/or make a shopping list for what is needed. My least favorite phrase is, “What’s for dinner?” Having the Brava makes answering that question easier. I can see what I have on hand, then scroll through the oven’s menus to see what works. I really love using the app while shopping. If I see something on sale, I will search the app for that item and choose a recipe that sounds good and uses that item.

Q: How is Brava different than other products you’ve used?

A:  My Brava is just so much easier to use than most of my other appliances. I  don’t have to hover over my cooking. I don’t have to dirty a bunch of dishes to cook a few items…everything cooks more evenly, faster, and more predictably in my Brava. Do I even need to mention the difference in reheating and cooking food in the Brava compared to a microwave? The Brava is in a league of its own. And no other appliance has actually improved with age. I don’t know of any other appliance that can actually do more and know more than when it is first purchased. When I got my Brava, she didn’t know how to dehydrate, slow cook, or air fry. She also had a ton less recipes in her.

Q: What was it like to cook with Brava for the first time?

A:  I was astonished with the quality of the cook. It was steak, sweet potatoes, and a salad. As the steak and potatoes were cooking, I was putting together the salad. I was amazed at the quality and ease of the cooking process. Absolute perfection! I still have the picture of that meal on my phone. It was the first of many.

Q: What’s your favorite thing to cook in Brava?

A: I have way too many favorites to count. I think that first cook made me realize how much I love sweet potatoes…Brava also makes me feel fancy and accomplished when I make a spatchcocked chicken. Of course I put a bed of sweet potatoes underneath…Just the simple act of cooking bacon is also wonderful….My bacon wrapped venison loin is pretty impressive. I use the bacon wrapped pork loin recipe for a perfect outcome.

My husband also requests fresh pizza, ever since I tried it the first time. Usually, yeast and I don’t get along, but with the Brava I can make a pretty awesome custom pizza. We no longer buy par baked pizza crusts.

As for everyday cooks, I  guess it would have to be eggs. Every way. Omelets, fried, poached. The breakfast sandwich is my husband’s number one request.

Q: What are your favorite Brava hacks and cooking tips?

A: Since the breakfast sandwich is a top request in my house and I rarely have cooked bacon handy, I have learned that if I put a frozen, pre-cooked sausage patty in the empty two egg cups, the heat in the oven will thaw and heat up the patties.  They make for a perfect sausage egg and cheese sandwich.

Not sure where I learned it, but I love to put a couple tablespoons of salsa into the egg cups, then topping it with eggs, before cooking them with the poached setting. They are perfect on toast or a tostada.

Q: Any tips for new Brava users?

A: My number one tip for new owners is to join the Brava Home’s Facebook Community of owners and read, read, read. If you have a question, chances are someone else has had that very question and the answer will probably be found by searching that site.

Q: What are you making next in the Brava?

A: Since we just received another deer, I will be trying my daughter’s recipe for slow cooked round steaks. Another bacon wrapped loin is definitely  in the near future. Oh, and the new peppermint brownies are calling me.

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