Community Spotlight: In The Kitchen with Brandi Milloy

There’s a lot to love about the Brava community and today we’re excited to highlight another member who inspires us in the kitchen. We sat down with food media journalist and TV host Brandi Milloy, who cooks with Brava daily. Learn how Brava changed the game for Brandi, as well as her tips for feeding a family with Brava. 

Q:  Tell us about yourself! What’s your background with cooking?

A: Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved being in the kitchen. Both my parents are great cooks and so growing up I learned a lot from them. We also moved around a lot since my Dad was in the Army so living in different places all over the world influenced my palette and interest in culture and food.  As I got older I started experimenting more in the kitchen and recreating dishes I would try at restaurants etc. For over 5 years I hosted a show on POPSUGAR called Eat the Trend where I recreated viral food trends. Since then I’ve become a contributor for various TV shows like TODAY, KTLA, Kelly Clarkson, Access, E! Daily Pop among others and serve as a judge on cooking competitions on Food Network and more. Currently you can find my easy and delicious recipes and time saving hacks on my Instagram @BrandiMilloy and blog

Q: How has your life changed since having a Brava?

A: I didn’t even realize I had a problem until I got a Brava. It has completely changed the way I prepare meals and think about cooking. Being able to skip preheating is such a time saver especially as a working mom.

Q: How is Brava different than other products you’ve used?

A: My favorite quality about the Brava is the way it takes the guess work out of cooking things perfectly. With one press of a button you can cook an entire meal at the same time. There’s nothing else like it. With Brava there is so much control in the cooking process. Being able to sear and cook simultaneously is amazing! Usually this step is major in developing flavor so by skipping this step and just using the Brava I’m saving time and doing less dishes.

Q:  What was it like to cook in Brava for the first time?

A:  The first time I used the Brava I was so impressed with the precision and efficiency of being able to cook everything together (salmon, asparagus) at the same time and for it to deliver amazing flavor and texture. Plus I love the camera and being able to watch my food as it cooks! Making dinner for my two children and husband without ever needing to turn on the traditional oven AND without needing to “check on it” makes my life so much easier.  

Q: How is life different with Brava?

A: It’s funny because I didn’t think we even ate that much frozen food but using the Brava to prepare frozen pirogies, chicken nuggets for the kids, sweet potato fries and even just simple toast is SO much better in the Brava! I can cook frozen veggie burgers for all 4 of us at the same time that are juicy while also having a nice crust and full of flavor!

Q: Favorite thing to cook in the Brava so far?

A:  Hands down favorite thing to cook in the Brava is asparagus!!!!!

Q: How does Brava help you feed a family?

A: We eat pescatarian at home so lots of fish and veggies. I can toss any fish and a variety of veggies in there and I could forget to add seasoning and it’s still going to taste better than if I had put it in the traditional oven.

Q:  How does Brava help you create healthy meals?

A:  Vegetables just sing when they are cooked in the Brava. They are tender but still crunchy, sweet and flavorful.  They completely transform into something entirely different and better without any seasoning or prep. The Brava caramelizes and sears and roasts it all to perfection. It makes cooking healthy easier!

Q:  Favorite Brava hacks and cooking tips?

A:  Using the Brava to reheat anything can almost make it taste better than the first time around. I’ve never looked forward to leftovers like I do now that I have a Brava.

Q: Favorite Brava manual mode?

A: In a lot of ways the reheat mode is one of my favorites because it makes food taste even better. I also used it to dehydrate fruit and that came in handy not having to buy or store a dehydrator!

Q:  Any tips for new Brava users?

A: Challenge yourself to use it for everything. Don’t just think of it as an oven. I get so much inspiration just by scrolling through the recipes built into the Brava. Also a grilled cheese and a s’mores in the Brava is CLUTCH! 

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