What’s New, 01/25/22

Our newest recipe is dedicated to all the garlic lovers out there, because there’s no such thing as too much garlic. Keep reading to get the latest recipes and community happenings, and check back every Tuesday for more tasty updates.

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  • 20 Clove Garlic Chicken: Studded with garlic, stock, herbs, and butter, this chicken dinner will be a new favorite. Shoutout to the Brava Chef’s Pan and Sear function for those *chef’s kiss* golden brown chicken thighs. 

What’s New in the Community:

Brava community IRL! Few things make us happier than connecting with our community. On a recent trip to Chicago, Brava Chef Andrew sat down with community member Michael Horvich for dinner. Michael said, “​​Got to spend a lovely evening at my condo talking about [Andrew], me, life, and BRAVA.”

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  1. Nice to see a photo of Andrew and me. One the last two and a half years, Brava has changed my live! NO fried foods. Healthy eating. Easy prep. Easy clean up. My dinner parties for up to three guests have been so easy. Actually, each time I invite new to BRAVA guests, I do a demo of the oven. Turns the minimal prep into a social engagement over a glass of wine looking forward to something like Filet Mignon, Butter Parsley New Potatoes, and Roasted Asparagus! Thank you BRAVA and thank you everyone behind the scenes who keeps BRAVA going!

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