Community Spotlight: In The Kitchen With Ashley Brooke

There’s a lot to love about the Brava community and today we’re excited to highlight another member who inspires us in the kitchen. We sat down with lifestyle blogger, interior designer, and community member, Ashley Brooke, who built a dedicated space for the Brava during her recent remodel. Keep reading to learn her favorite Brava recipes and hacks, as well as her tips for anyone thinking about a remodel.

Q:  Tell us about yourself! What’s your background with cooking?

A: I grew up in the kitchen with my mom and really enjoy the process of cooking, I’d say I’m an “at home cooking enthusiast”! Ha! And after finding out that I had both a dairy and gluten intolerance a few years ago, making healthy GOOD meals at home became a priority for me. I just really love being in the kitchen.

Q: How has Brava changed what’s possible to achieve in the kitchen?

A: We love our Brava! We received our Brava during our kitchen renovation and it became our saving grace. I made almost every meal in it during that season. But now that we have a fully functioning kitchen, the Brava has truly become my sous chef.

Q: You recently did a kitchen remodel and it’s beautiful! Can you share details about your dedicated Brava area in the kitchen? Can you share your top three design and decor tips for making your kitchen more personal and functional?

A: Thank you!! And yes, once we fell in love with the Brava during our renovation we knew we wanted to make a space for it in our kitchen so that we’d have easy access. My husband built a roll-out shelf which has been a game changer! We use our Brava at least twice a day, whether it’s for simple toast, or a quick Salmon meal. We love having a dedicated space for it.

And as for design tips, I would say to really get to know how *you* use your space and design around it! Everyone uses their kitchen differently so take notes and make sure your renovation flows with your routine!

Q: Take us through a day in the life with Brava – how do you use it to cook for yourself and your family?

A: Whether it’s baking, toasting, broiling, or full on cooking we use our Brava daily!

Q: What are your favorite Brava recipes and hacks?

A: Well, if you haven’t baked in the Brava, you need to! It makes the perfect muffin!

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