Brava x Lettuce Grow: The Future Of Food Is Here

The future of growing food meets the future of cooking. Lettuce Grow and Brava have partnered for Earth Day to help you eat green. Lettuce Grow’s vertical garden, the Farmstand, lets you grow your own produce in 3-7 weeks – reducing water and transportation emissions exponentially. Brava has over 7000 pre-programmed recipes that let you cook your homegrown produce to perfection – automatically and for a fraction of the energy as your oven. To celebrate Earth Day, our chefs developed recipes with peak–of-season Lettuce Grow produce that come together at the press of a button in the Brava.

From now until April 30, 2022, Brava customers can take $100 OFF Lettuce Grow’s Farmstand with the code BRAVA applied at checkout.

Lettuce GrowBrava
Farmstand uses 95% less water than traditional agriculture (1 gallon vs. 20 gallons per plant)4x more energy efficient than a conventional oven
Shipping seedlings reduces transport emissions by 95% (compared to mature produce)Cooks 2-4x faster than a conventional oven
Growing your own food reduces food waste by 50%To date, Brava customers have cooked over 5M meals, saving the equivalent energy that could power 1.7M cell phones for 1 year

Brava Recipes Feat. Lettuce Grow Produce

Spring Greens Pizza featuring Lettuce Grow Swiss Chard, Chives, and Genovese Basil

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