Brava Summer Stats & Community Hacks

The Brava community is cooking up a storm. We’re sharing the recipes you can’t get enough of in the Summer months, your go-to hacks, as well as some fun cooking statistics from the Brava data corner with Chef Andrew.

Data Corner with Brava Chef Andrew

You love Brava cooking stats and we’re here to deliver. Take notes on the trending recipes below and give them a try:

During Summer, the Brava community cooks:

Cooking Hacks & Love From The Brava Community

Roasted tomato bruschetta for the win tonight.. 💥 this stuff is amazing 😋 – whoever created this recipe, BIG THANK YOU! I’m addicted. 😋 I can see how it pairs nicely on a pasta dish, or as topping on any meal- but tonight it’s just going to be a simple appetizer for me. I highly recommend this cook. Bravo to Brava yet again.” – Heather

“Dinner tonight is a yummy Brava cheese burger and the Brava air fried breaded zucchini coins. Served with homemade remoulade sauce. YUM!!!!” – Kathleen

“Made Brava Chef Annie’s roasted corn salad with bacon today! Make this stat! Pro tip, if you are making this with bacon, drizzle some of the bacon oil onto the corn before roasting. Toast the diced shallots and jalapeños on the still hot tray after the corn cook is complete. Then mix all together into the bowl to serve warm or chilled. Amazing summer side or great for meal prepping!” – Ernie

“Cooked some eggplant today for Baba ganoush and loved the ease and flavors!” – Archana

“This just happened folks!! BBQ Tri-tip sooooooo good medium rare (cook time 30 minutes)” – Joey

What are you cooking in Brava this Summer? Show off all your latest cooks by posting to Brava Home’s Facebook Community or sharing on Brava Home’s Instagram using the hashtag #BravaLife. 

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