Romance is in the Air

by Alan Greene, MD


Whether you’re a fan of the day or you think it’s just a Hallmark Holiday, Valentine’s Day is here! For many couples that means an expensive dinner out at a restaurant that you need to reserve six weeks in advance. But what could be more romantic than dinner in cooked by the guy (or gal) who typically doesn’t do the cooking?

For many non-cooks, that seems like a pretty tall order, but this year I have a secret weapon – my new Brava Oven. I say “my” because I love kitchen tools. The problem is, I don’t have a lot of time to spare in the kitchen. That’s one of the reasons I was so excited about the new Brava Oven. Others (and honestly more important ones for me) are how easy, delicious and healthy the cooking method is.

Brava uses light to cook the food. It’s super bright and heats to 500 degrees in a snap, then cooks the food in a fraction of the time of a regular oven. Basically from a time standpoint, it has all the advantages of a microwave, but that’s not where the advantages stop.

The Brava is broken into three zones. It uses advanced AI to cook the food in the three zones at different rates so they’re all done at the same time. Or you can cook two zones with one food and the third with a different food. Or for a crowd, you can use all three zones to cook one dish. We did that at for our holiday dinner when we had 16 people and needed an extra oven for the Brussels sprouts.

All the chef needs to do is tell the Brava oven, using the on oven screen or an app on your phone what foods are in each zone and how done you’d like them to be.

So far, my favorite meal is fresh salmon, asparagus and mushrooms. Or you could make chicken breasts, broccoli and sweet potatoes or, well you get the picture.

Fast – check.

Tasty real foods – check.

And with this, even I can cook like a chef.

But there’s one other advantage, and this is one I’m going to use on Valentine’s Day – the Brava Oven makes clean-up quick and easy. The food is cooked on one dishwasher safe tray. After I plate the food, I can simply slip the tray in the dishwasher, light the candles and pour the wine. Is this cheating?

About Dr. Greene

A highly accomplished pediatrician, Dr. Greene is President of the Society for Participatory Medicine and is on the Board for One Heart World Wide, Eat Real and The Lundberg Institute.

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