Brava Partners in the Marketplace

The best meals start with the best ingredients. With a belief that high quality ingredients shouldn’t be available only in high end restaurants, Brava collaborated with the finest food partners to bring you direct access to simply delicious and nutritious ingredients.

“Only with the right inputs can you get the right output! Our Marketplace has some of my very favorite ingredients!”

– Brava Chef Travis

Check out a few of our favorites that we’re proud to feature.

Marine-farmed King salmon recognized as the first and only ocean-farmed salmon to receive the Best Choice rating from Seafood Watch. These salmon are raised with best practices, pose no threat to any wild salmon and are monitored closely to ensure no compromises are made to the health of the planet or consumers.

Featured in Salmon meal kit and available as individual packets.

Premium beef carefully raised in mild climate and rich grazing of the Pacific Northwest. Double R Ranch is involved from ranches to feed yards to final processing – maintaining ranch-to-table approach for consistency in quality. Enjoy the meat that is often found in Michelin-starred restaurants at the comfort of your own home through Brava.

Featured in Brava meal kits with beef and available as individual packets.

One of our first food partners, Peach Dish powerfully brings Brava designed meal kits to life. Peach Dish supports and strengthens our joint mission of empowering people to eat better food at home, every day.  An impressive 80% of their farmers are within 40 miles of their distribution center.

2Sisters Ranch is our premium provider of 100% Full Blood Wagyu. Bred with only Japanese genetics, 2Sisters Ranch is committed to maintaining stress-free grazing practices to produce the best tasting, healthiest Wagyu possible.

Limited wagyu cuts available in the Marketplace. Make sure to find the special 2Sisters cook options in the beef ingredient oven category.

Raised in small herds throughout the midwest, this premium 100% purebred Berkshire Pork features high levels of marbling. Richer in flavor and darker in color than traditional white pork, you’ll notice and taste the quality difference.

Featured in Pork Chop meal kit and available as individual packets.

Bringing a multi-generational Italian family tradition to Utah, Creminelli uses old-world techniques to make award-winning artisanal charcuterie and snacks.

Featured in Prosciutto Chicken meal kit.

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