72 App-Only Recipes Have Been Added to Brava!

Brava’s Research & Development team is busy every week in our test kitchen creating new recipes for you. Some of these, as you know, have been “App Only,” requiring you to view them on your phone and manually plug in the directions on your Brava. Those days are behind you, because our Engineering team has uploaded these 72 recipes and their specific programs onto the Brava for your ease. 

Here’s the catch: these recipes, which we’ve dubbed Multi-Step Recipes, are more hands-on than your standard Brava recipes. They will involve a little more attention and action from you. In other words, you may have to preheat Brava before you insert the cookware. Alternatively, at some point during the cook, the Multi-Step Recipe may alert you to remove the cookware from the Brava, add ingredients, stir, flip, or any combination of those actions.

Because our entire recipe database is now on the Brava (save for a few sauce/spread recipes that do not call for the Brava to make), this means you can now favorite (heart) these recipes from the Brava and they will appear on your app. You can also use the paper airplane icon on your app to send the recipe to your Brava, so you can start cooking immediately. Woohoo!

Recipes that are Multi-Step Recipes will be clearly marked on the Brava, however, we also wanted to list them out here, categorized by the actions entailed. This update has expanded the functionality of the Brava, and we look forward to releasing many recipes you have been requesting like burgers.

Some recipes require minimal hands-on actions, like preheating the cooking chamber. Here are the recipes that call for one step of preheating before inserting the cookware into the Brava and starting the cook.

Some recipes have only one hands-on action sometime during the cook, for instance; to add ingredients, stir or flip. Here are the recipes that ask for those mid-cook activities:

For those who enjoy being hands-on in the kitchen and have some extra time to spare, then there is a batch of more involved recipes that require multiple actions from you, including preheating, stirring, adding ingredients, flipping and more. Below is the list.

Find more info on Multi-Step Recipes on Brava’s Support page. If you have any questions regarding this new release, reach out to Brava via our Facebook Community page or contact Customer Success via phone (855) 276-6767 or email hello@brava.com.

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