10 Easy Holiday Breakfast Ideas to Serve to a Crowd

Taking a few minutes to enjoy breakfast at home is key self-care to surviving the holidays. Brava Chef Travis says there are so many untold stories regarding breakfast during the season. That’s why he pulled together these festive, wintery ideas, so whether you’re feeding yourself or your whole extended family, there’s a quick and easy breakfast solution for all. We broke it down by savory and sweet as well as the cookware needed.


Chef’s Pan

  • Frittata for a Crowd: Fold in leftover roasted fall vegetables like sweet potatoes, squash or leftover herbs.

Combos (Metal, Egg and/or Glass Trays)

  • Classic Breakfast Sandwich: Customize each of the ingredients the way your family likes it with English muffins or sliced bread, bacon or sausage patties and cheddar or American cheese.
  • Eggs and Frozen Sausage Links: Chef Travis says the team worked really hard to get this Combo right. Whip up a batch of toast to serve on the side.

Egg Tray

  • Individual Frittatas: Let everyone dress theirs how they like with diced meat, vegetables and cheese.

Metal Tray

  • Toad in the Hole: If you don’t have an Egg Tray, Toad in the Hole will let you and your family get your eggs-and-toast fix.
  • Breakfast Potatoes: Onions, red peppers and waxy red potatoes roast up to crisp perfection.


Chef’s Pan

  • Baked Oatmeal: Comforting oats, milk, brown sugar and cinnamon bake up in the Brava. Add in nuts, dried/fresh fruit and other toppings as desired or leave them on the side for your family to garnish.

Egg Tray

Metal Tray

  • Cinnamon Toast with Whipped Yogurt: Chef Travis says this is one of the first recipes that was developed for Brava and it’s not to be missed. Use brioche or Texas toast bread to make it special for the season.
  • Granola: Make this ahead! It keeps fresh for a month. Serve it with yogurt and fresh fruit.
  • Eggnog French Toast: Chef George Duran has found a use for any leftover eggnog you may have in your house. Dollop whipped cream on top for extra richness.

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