5 Essential Tips for Cooking Bacon in the Brava

Bacon is currently the 12th most popular cook in the Brava! Our Brava Facebook community frequently posts images of their bacon cooks along with some of their hacks for making it top-notch. Here are five test-kitchen-approved tips for Bravatizing your bacon:

  1. Watch your first cook of bacon. Bacon brands have varying thickness and therefore cook differently. Keep your eye and attention on the Brava the first time you cook bacon to ensure it’s cooking the way you desire — whether that’s perfectly crisp or delightfully chewy results. Then, you can use the cook slider for the next cook to further specify the texture (crispy or chewy) that you want.
  2. The bacon preset on the Brava can be used for strips, weaves, or bits. We’ve seen creative uses for weaves (like creating Keto tacos and pizza) and bits (topping casseroles or mac and cheese, prepped in the Chef’s Pan). 
  3. Don’t ditch the bacon grease! Once it’s cooled slightly (but before it solidifies), carefully strain it into a heat-proof, microwave-safe container such as a Mason jar. Use the grease in place of oil to add smoky, umami flavor to eggs, potatoes, vegetables, and more.
  4. Reheat the bacon. If you’re cooking multiple breakfast-y things in the Brava, cook the bacon first, followed by eggs and/or pancakes. If you like your bacon warm upon serving, reheat it for 90 seconds before serving.
  5. Wipe the Brava down afterward. When the Brava cools, dampen a soft cloth with a little warm water and wipe down the cooking chamber and cameras, avoiding the lights. Abrasive cloths and cleaning solutions will cause scratches in the Brava cooking chamber and potentially damage the lights.

Photo by Brava Chef Travis

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