13 Customers Share Why Brava Is Worth It

“Is Brava worth the price tag?” It’s a frequent question we see posted on our community page. Before someone from Brava even has a chance to respond, our customers often comment with their experiences. Most recently, Jeff posed this very question, which received 59 responses! Here are the seven most common reasons why Brava owners think Brava is 100% worth the cost.

1) Saves Time and Uses Less Energy

“[Brava] saves you money through reduced energy costs. [O]ver a period of time you actually get all your money back too! What a great ‘green’ product!” — Elliot

“Factor in how much less energy you spend on preheating your full sized oven, the huge time saving, and the amount of money you aren’t spending going out to eat because the food is that good.” — Theresa

“Brava is not worth the price, to me it is worth much more. It saves in cooking and clean up time. It probably uses far less electricity than a large oven.” — Steve

2) Supports Health and Weight Loss Goals

“Not sure if it’s a 2020 goal of yours / your family or not, but because you can make healthy food that tastes good quickly and cheaply, the Brava is actually a great component in a weight-loss plan.” — Joseph

“it’s reignited my love for cooking & eating at home. & I’ve lost weight. Unintentionally.” — Yasi

“Before Brava I never cooked and my dating life relied on either takeout or restaurants. Now I can cook for the girlfriend that I (coincidentally?) didn’t even have before. Eating healthy and preparing meals is it’s own reward but if you can up your game in the romantic arena I’d say it’s worth well over the asking price.” — Jack

3) Diminishes the Need (or Desire) to Dine Out

“We eat out 75% less than we did before. For us it’s been a big cost savings.” — Justin

“The quality of the food is on par with good restaurants. The ease and time saved cooking keeps us home vs hassle of driving, parking, waiting. And, we eat healthier…roasted veggies are delicious!!” — Helen

“I think many people dine out less, so that would also result in additional savings as well!” — Elliot

4) Replaces Other Cooking Appliances

“It’s been two weeks and I love it. I don’t use my microwave or regular oven anymore. I pretty much use it everyday.” — Oskar

“I am actually considering a second one in the future to cook for larger groups around the holidays but it has been an absolute game changer for us and not a moment of regret.” — Chris

“Food tastes better and has a better texture than when using a microwave.” — Steve 

“I use my microwave only incidentally now. Replaced the toaster oven completely. I’ve only used my oven to do dozens of cookies and two pies. Oddball stuff for the holidays. Otherwise nearly EVERYTHING I do is in the Brava now, and that’s for over 2 months now.” — Tina

5) Continues to Support via Customer Success Team and Active Community

“I have had mine for about a year and am finding new ways to use it all the time. The service after the sale is the best possible and the community is always making useful recommendations.” — Steve

“There is a learning curve and this [Facebook Community] group as well as the [Customer Success] team will walk your through. It’s a lesson in following directions exactly and adjusting as you go! Enjoy the difference your Brava will make!” — Zac

6) Includes a 100-Day Risk-Free Trial 

“They have a ridiculously long 100 day trial so if you think you’re a good candidate, buy one and use it for a couple of months. I knew I was keeping mine by the end of one week.” — John

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