Bakeware Bundle: Get ‘Em While You Can!

Beyond breakfast and dinner, Brava can bake! Brownies, quickbreads, muffins, and cupcakes are just a few sweet recipes you can make if you have Brava’s baking equipment. To set you up for all of your favorite treats, we’re now offering a Bakeware Bundle, which includes the Square Pan, Loaf Pan, and Muffin Tin for $85 (non-member price at $100). Grab a trio before prices go up in February.

What’s included in the Bakeware Bundle:

Loaf Pan – currently $35 ($30 as member): Tea cake, quickbreads, and meatloafs are just a few ideas for your metal Brava Loaf Pan.

Muffin Tin – currently $40 ($35 as member): Make a mini batch of cupcakes, cheesecakes, and muffins in this metal, 6-cup Muffin Tin.

Square Pan – currently $35 ($30 as member): Lovingly referred to as “8 by 8” by Brava chefs, this square metal pan will be your go-to for baking brownies, blondies, pie, crisps, cobblers, and cornbreads. You can also use it to reheat lasagna, Chinese food, chili, and other loose foods that need containing.

See recipes you can unlock with these accessories:

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