5 Reasons You Should Bravatize Your Breakfast

The last thing I want to think about in the morning is cooking breakfast. Let’s be honest, coffee is waaaay more important. But what if you could have a homemade (and hands-free!) breakfast in less time than it takes to brew a pot of coffee? Sounds too good to be true. Less than 10 minutes? Yup. We wouldn’t joke about something as serious as breakfast.  

1. Fried Eggs

4 minutes for 4 fried eggs! We’re still amazed at the speed, quality, and consistency of Brava Fried Eggs. Pro Tip: Try putting a tiny pat of butter in the bottom of each well before cracking the egg.

2. Bacon

7 minutes for 6 slices of mouthwateringly crispy bacon. This one is on repeat at my house every weekend morning. No preheat, no flipping, no grease splatter, no mess. Just deliciousness. 

3. Classic Breakfast Sandwich

7 minutes for 4 sandwiches. One of Brava’s most popular breakfast recipes is also one of the most adaptable. Want to add a slice of avocado? Go for it. Prefer a vegetarian option? Use veggie breakfast sausage patties instead. 

4. Mini Pancake Muffins

8 minutes for 4 pancakes. These couldn’t be simpler. Use your favorite pancake mix or a recipe from scratch. Go ahead and be creative — Add your favorite inclusions like chocolate chips, banana slices, berries, or chopped nuts. We make these for our kids at least twice a week. Don’t forget to try the pumpkin version, too. 

5. Open Faced Prosciutto and Egg Sandwich

These look fancy but they couldn’t be easier. Oh, and they’re done in 6 minutes or less. Don’t like prosciutto? No problem, just remove it or use ham, turkey, or bacon instead. Maybe gruyere isn’t your thing. That’s fine, go ahead and use cheddar, Swiss or Monterrey Jack. Let your creativity guide you to customize and make this your own. 

Hear that beeping? Coffee is ready. And breakfast is already on the table 😉 

Happy cooking!

Chef Travis

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