5 Ways to Cook the Broccoli of Your Dreams in the Brava

Broccoli has been cooked over 20,000 times in the Brava! It’s one of our most popular ingredients, but like bacon, there’s not one preferred way to cook it. Some people like their broccoli caramelized and roasty while others prefer it steamed and on the slightly crunchy side. Whatever your preference, we want to make sure you cook up the broccoli of your dreams with Brava. Here are some tips from our Brava chefs and some hacks from our Brava Facebook Community.

Gentle or Roasted

If you are into steamed broccoli, go for the gentle setting, then place your broccoli on the glass tray. Glass is slower to conduct heat. 

If roasted broccoli is your thing, opt for the roasted setting, and use the metal tray. Metal will essentially sear the bottom of the broccoli.

Sized Up

Make sure your broccoli pieces are 2 inches or less. If you want broccoli with a bite, opt for bigger pieces. If tender broccoli is your jam, cut those florets smaller. 

Packed In

Brava works differently than your standard oven in that you don’t want to leave spaces in between the florets. Pack that broccoli close together to avoid burning.

Personalization Slider

Don’t forget that you can always dial down or amp up the cook time to achieve florets to your liking. Brava Chef Travis slides his broccoli cook down 20% so that it retains a bright green color with just a touch of char.

Tasty Additions

While the basic recipe just calls for oil, salt, and pepper, there are so many ways you can mix up broccoli.

  • Ghee: Butter and broccoli is an old standby. Clarified butter can withstand cooking in high heat temperatures plus it offers a toasted flavor that’s unparalleled.
  • Tahini: ArlaEats has a recipe for tahini sauce that she likes to toss in the broccoli before roasting. It forms a crust to become almost like tempura.  
  • Refined Peanut Oil: The very subtle nutty taste complements soy sauce, oyster sauce, and other Asian sauces. 
  • Anchovies in Olive Oil: If you want a hit of umami, try mincing up anchovies finely and tossing them (along with the jar’s olive oil) with broccoli.
  • Chili Crunch: This spicy condiment combines oil, chili flakes, and crunchy garlic pieces. Drizzle it over broccoli and blow your tastebuds away.
  • Parmesan: Another savory additive, grating parmesan over freshly cooked broccoli is always a winner.
  • Bacon: A little diced bacon (or tempeh bacon) on broccoli always adds wonders.

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