How to Make Ghee in the Brava

Did you know you can create your own recipes in the Brava? Once you understand how Brava’s signature Pure Light Technology works, you can make your own Custom Cook for whatever your heart desires and share it with other Brava owners. That’s what Elliot Bernstein did recently for his Ghee Custom Cook. His first post received 93 comments — Brava owners have rushed to cook ghee in their Bravas. 

Here’s why. Ghee has an incredible, toasted flavor and a high smoke point (482°F versus butter’s 302°F). It is made by boiling butter until the water evaporates and the fat separates from the protein. As it simmers, the mixture caramelizes. The protein is strained out, and you are left with a delicious, versatile cooking fat that won’t burn or change flavors when heated. Ghee can be used to cook veggies, potatoes, meats, seafood. It can be slathered over toast or melted over rice or oatmeal. 

Storebought ghee can be quite expensive, so we’re grateful to have this homemade recipe. Elliot went the extra mile and developed recipes for both the Loaf Pan and the Square Pan. He explained, “This unique process I came up with took me many months to perfect. [It] allows for ALL the moisture to evaporate gradually and fully [and] causes the nice separation of the milk solids. [This] is why the ghee tastes so good and is such high quality.”

Thank you, Elliot for taking such time and care with this recipe. We’ll be releasing it as a Chef-approved recipe in the coming months. In the meantime, try Elliot’s Custom Cook. Elliot recommends using Kerrygold Salted Butter, though you can use 16 ounces of any butter of your choice for this recipe.

Ghee Custom Cook Codes

Loaf Pan:


Square Pan:


In addition to accessing the Custom Cook via typing in the code in your Brava, you can now add the code to the end of the hyperlink and push the Custom Cook directly to your Brava by clicking the ➕ button. Press the 🧡 button to send it to your favorites on the app or Brava. If you’re on the app, you can also click the ↗️ to copy the Custom Cook link and share it with friends, family, or the Facebook community!

How to create a Custom Cooks hyperlink:
1) custom_cooks Link ➕ Custom Cook Code

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