3 Top Reasons You Need 2 More Metal Trays in Your Life

Brava now offers a Metal Tray Bundle (2 trays / $60 for members; originally $75).* Buying the Bundle versus individual trays, you save $10, plus we wanted to offer this deal before prices go up. Yes, your Brava comes with at least 1 metal tray, though there are many instances where more are needed! Brava Chef Travis explains the top benefits for having a few extra metal trays on hand. 

1) Cook More Food, Faster

For meal planning or serving a crowd, you can prep several full trays of single ingredients, such as potatoes, steak, and broccoli. This cuts down on time needed to cool, wash, and load the tray for each cook.

2) Prep for Pizzas

Whether you’re cooking for a crowd or a larger family, having additional trays lets you prep additional pizzas while the first one cooks, saving you 3-5 minutes. Cooling down a hot tray before preparing your second pizza is now a thing of the past. 

3) Bake Batches of Cookies

Brava’s metal tray holds up to 6 cookies, though most recipes will make at least a dozen or more. Conveniently have a second (and third!) batch ready to go as soon as the first batch comes out.

*Amount does not include applicable taxes and shipping/handling.

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