What’s New 03/10/20

Skip the takeout — this week, Brava’s new recipes focus on date-night as well as quick, family-friendly meals. We’re releasing a new Multi-Step Recipe, a new Combo, and a new ingredient. Favorite these items on the Brava or use the paper airplane icon to push them directly to the device.

New Multi-Step Recipe:

  • Lasagna Roll-Ups: The latest recipe from Chef George Duran, made in the Brava Chef’s Pan has all of the elements of the delicious Italian staple, rolled up and baked in the Brava until melty. Serve this meal on date nights, dinner parties, family meals, or for yourself. Reheated portions are equally satisfying.

New Combo:

  • Corn Dogs & French Fries: If you’re going to have a corn dog, fries are a natural pairing. Place all ingredients on the Brava Metal Tray and into the cooking chamber, and press the green button to have crispy results ready in minutes. 

New Ingredient:


  • Adjusted the Braised Lemon Chicken Thighs recipe.
    • Increased the initial sear time from 5 minutes to 20 minutes.
    • Added cooking oil to the list of ingredients.
    • Added a Recipe Step to add the cooking oil to the Chef’s Pan before starting the recipe.
    • Note: If using the Cook Slider for this recipe, reset the slider to 0% to avoid potential overcooking.
  • Added Shelf Detection to the following:
    • All Onions and Peppers Combos.
    • All Parsnip Combos.
    • All Frozen French Fries Combos.
    • All Frozen Tater Tot Combos.
    • All Sweet Potato Combos.
    • All Potato Combos.


  • Fixed various bolding and text inconsistencies in recipe instructions.

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