What’s New 03/17/20

This week, we’re releasing a new Recipe and a New Multi-Step Recipe. We’re covering everything from festive St. Patrick’s Day sugar cookies to rice, one of our favorite pantry staples. We also have an exciting announcement; all Ingredients and Combos now have Shelf Detection.

New Multi-Step Recipe:

  • Sugar Cookies: This sugar cookie recipe comes from Brava Chef Erin in the test kitchen. The dough is easy to roll out and bakes into a classic confection that’s ready to ice. Use your favorite cookie cutter and decorative frosting to add a festive touch. 

New Recipe:


Added Shelf Detection to the following:

  • All Rutabaga Combos
  • All Snap Peas Combos
  • All Snow Peas Combos
  • All Butternut Squash Combos
  • All Cherry Tomato Combos
  • All Turnip Combos
  • All Zucchini Combos
  • All Frozen Sausage Combos
  • All Bread Combos
  • All Halibut Combos
  • All other miscellaneous Combos

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