7 Different Ways to Cook Eggs in the Brava

Many of us have eggs in our kitchens right now, so we thought they would be a good starting point to learn all the different ways you can cook eggs in the Brava with various accessories. As the first part of our Cook with What You Have series, Brava Chef Annie is sharing her tips. Favorite these recipes on your Brava or Brava App to make cooking even easier.

Hard-Boiled Eggs
Yep — you read that right. You can cook Hard-Boiled Eggs in your Brava in 30 minutes. Add them to salads or grain bowls or eat them solo as a simple snack. They’re easy to make, versatile, and filling.

Accessory Needed: Brava Muffin Tin

Scrambled Egg Bites and Frittatas
These recipes are filling, adaptable, and quick. Our Scrambled Egg Bites only call for eggs and salt, and come together in a ~9 minutes. You can always customize with grated cheese, herbs, or spices.

Brava’s Cheesy Zucchini Egg Bites are a riff on the Individual Frittatas cooking preset, which also takes roughly 9 minutes to cook. Adapt it as needed for a filling, family-friendly breakfast or lunch. You can meal-prep them on a Sunday and reheat them in the Brava throughout the week as needed. Since many of us have frozen vegetables on hand, these can be worked in to all of these recipes. Simply thaw them and squeeze out excess moisture before adding to your egg mixture.

Accessory Needed: Brava Egg Tray

Fried and Poached Eggs
It wouldn’t be a Brava egg recipe roundup without our Fried Eggs and Poached Egg recipes (~4 minutes each). These are two of the most popular recipes in the Brava. No need to hover over the stovetop worrying about overcooking eggs and dirtying dishes. Both recipes are great as a simple breakfast on toast, in a sandwich, eggs benedict, you name it. In fact, you can put a fried or poached egg on top of any savory Brava recipe to round it out.

Accessory Needed: Brava Egg Tray.

Baked Eggs
Shakshuka is a classic dish of eggs poached in a tomato sauce, with origins spanning from North Africa, Israel, and all over the Mediterranean. It takes ~31 minutes to cook, makes eggs more of a meal, and can feed a hungry crowd for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Accessory Needed: Brava Chef’s Pan

Egg Combos
We recently released a Bacon and Eggs Combo, so you can cook bacon and eggs at the same time in Brava in 10-12 minutes. Just pop the tray of bacon into the Brava, add the eggs in a few minutes later, and treat yourself to a delicious breakfast. We also have other Egg Combos like Eggs Benedict that let you simultaneously cook eggs with toast, sausage, and/or ham as well.

Accessories Needed: Brava Metal Tray and Brava Egg Tray

Please keep sharing what you ingredients you have stocked in your kitchens, and we’ll continue to provide tips, tricks, and Brava recipe ideas for all of your responses. Show off all your latest cooks by posting to Brava Home’s Facebook Community or sharing on Brava Home’s Instagram using the hashtag #BravaLife.

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