Brava’s April Menu

Team Brava is working from home to bring you new custom cooks, recipe ideas, software updates and customer support. We changed things up with our April menu. We created new categories including work from home (wfh) lunches, baking projects, cooking with kids, comfort classics and frozen foods to give you plenty of ideas for shelter-in-place cooking. 

The Brava Home Community on Facebook is extremely active right now. If you haven’t joined yet please make sure to do so. Thank you for posting all of your photos and stories, especially during this time. It helps us all feel more connected, which we need now more than ever. 

Wash your hands, stay at home and be safe. And let’s make the most of it. Together. 

Now fire up those Bravas and get cooking, y’all! 

– Chef Travis 

Accessories You’ll Need
Egg Tray
Metal Tray
Muffin Pan
Square Pan
Chef’s Pan


WFH Lunch

Baking Projects

Cooking with Kids 

Comfort Classics 

Share your creations with us by tagging them #BravaLife on social or by posting them in the Brava Home Community on Facebook

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