Why Reheating Leftovers Is Better in the Brava

You probably already know that Brava cooks better than anything else, but did you know it reheats leftovers better too? Like waaaaay better. Reheat is one of Brava’s most popular preset programs. Why do people like it so much? These are just a few reasons why Brava’s reheat is superior to microwaves and conventional ovens. 

Brava’s reheat times are comparable to microwaves, but Brava’s food quality is far superior. Brava delivers the crispiness of an oven or fryer with nearly the speed of a microwave.

Microwaves use a magnetron to stimulate water molecules in your food. Essentially, this boils the water molecules inside the food, which dries it out. Brava reheats with Pure Light Technology. Direct and infrared light sear the exterior of the food while locking in the moisture.

Brava vs. Other Guys: Brava reheats a slice of pizza in 3 ½ minutes. Pizza has crispy crust and bubbling cheese, just like when it was first cooked. Microwaved pizza may only take a few minutes to reheat, but it has a soggy crust which hardens as the pizza cools to room temperature.

Brava’s food is quickly crisped and evenly heated

Microwaves heat unevenly and make food soggy. Period. Traditional ovens can re-crisp foods, but preheating and reheating take a long time, so food tends to dry out. Brava’s six lamps ensure food is evenly heated on the top and bottom of the foods distributed across the whole tray.

Brava vs. Other Guys: Brava can reheat cold leftover french fries in about 4 minutes that are as crispy as when they came out of the fryer.

Brava reheats faster and food is juicier (vs. traditional ovens).

Conventional ovens use heating elements to heat the air around the food. Food tastes better when reheated in an oven vs. a microwave, but it tends to take longer in the oven, which dries the food out from the outside. Brava’s lamps reach full power in less than 1 second, delivering powerful blasts of energy directly into your food rather than heating the air around it (which tends to dry it out). 

Brava vs. Other Guys: Brava reheats a chicken breast in about 3 minutes with crispy skin and juicy interior, while conventional oven takes 12-15 minutes and is dried out. 

BravaMicrowaveConventional Oven
Evenly HeatedBestWorstBetter
Juiciness Very JuicyVery DryDry
CrispinessCrispy & CrunchySoggyCrispy But Dry
Overall QualityExcellentPoorGood

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