What’s New 04/07/20

While Brava isn’t releasing new formal recipes until we return to the office, we will still publish new content and updates on a weekly cadence. To kick things off, today we’re sharing Custom Cooks from the Brava culinary team, recipe tips, and Brava updates.

New Ingredient:

New Custom Cook Recipes:

  • Peanut Butter Cookies: Brava Chef Travis recently polled our community to ask what kinds of recipes you’d like to see. You wanted cookies, and Brava Chef Travis is delivering with this peanut butter cookie recipe, which riffs on a Cook’s Illustrated recipe that relies on baking pantry staples. Brava’s Bake Function works like your traditional conventional oven but saves time with the quick 4-minute Rapid Preheat. 
  • Brown Rice: Did you know you can make brown rice in your Brava?! It’s easier than ever before in the Brava Chef’s Pan. Brava Chef Erin (our resident rice expert) has created a Custom Cook for brown rice that is one simple step, no hovering over the stovetop required.
  • Carnitas: This Brava Chef’s Pan recipe from Brava Chef Travis requires only three ingredients and a few simple steps for restaurant-quality carnitas. Repurpose the leftover carnitas by reheating them in the Brava for tacos, nachos, and burritos.

New Blog Post:

New Recipe Tips + Hacks:

  • Next-Level Grilled Cheese: With Brava, Grilled Cheese cooks at the push of a button — no monitoring or flipping necessary. Chef George Duran adds preserves or jam for a delicious riff on a classic. 


  • Fixed minor issues with recipe placement in the Cook tile.

Shelf Detection:

  • Added Shelf Detection to various Recipes.

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