What’s New 04/21/20

This week we’re releasing some of our most exciting features yet! Read on for Custom Cook recipes from our chefs, details on cooking chicken breast without the TempSensor, Two-Tray Cook vegetable recipes, and more recipe tips and tricks to try in Brava.

New Custom Cook Recipes:

  • One Pot Shredded Chicken: Brava Chef Annie loves recipes you can make once to repurpose in different meals. That’s where this recipe comes in! Simply place chicken in your Brava Chef’s Pan, cover with tomatillo salsa, and press that green button. Once it’s done 45 minutes later, shred it up to use in healthy grain bowls, tacos, sandwiches, salads, and burritos.
  • Caramelized Onions: Caramelized onions are Brava Chef Travis’ secret weapon. They add deep, rich flavors to almost any recipe. Traditionally, onions are cooked in a pan over medium low heat for a long time and require frequent stirring. Brava allows you to walk away from the onions for about 30 minutes each time before stirring in the Brava Chef’s Pan, freeing you up to do other things!
  • Chocolate Wacky Cake: No eggs? No butter? No milk? No problem! Make this simple and delicious Chocolate Wacky Cake from Brava Chef Erin. Wacky cake was originally created during the depression era when eggs and milk were hard to come by. To make, simply mix right in the Brava Square Pan, bake in Brava, and top with any frosting you like.

New Blog Posts:
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New Recipe Tips + Hacks:

  • Cinnamon Monkey Bread: Chef George Duran’s latest recipe for cinnamon monkey bread is an easy dessert for when that sweet tooth strikes. Watch and save his video to learn how to make it in your Brava Egg Tray! Be sure to watch Chef George Duran LIVE on Facebook, Mondays @ 1pm PT.

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