Two Tray Cooks: Vegetables in Brava

Our customers love roasting vegetables in Brava, and we’re excited to share that starting today, Brava is launching Two Tray Cooks for vegetables! With today’s new release, it’s easier than ever before to quickly meal prep, feed a family, and/or prepare nourishing meals with larger quantities of vegetables.

Until now, vegetable recipes on your Brava and Brava App haved prompted you to use one tray at a time. Roasting two trays of vegetables at once has been a top customer request, and our culinary team has been working hard to develop this new release. Cooking with two trays at once has presented a unique challenge since the bottom tray is blocked from the top lamps, so we’ve carefully provided you with thoughtful recipe programs that allow the light to reach and cook both trays simultaneously.

To kick off the launch, we’re releasing Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts, two of the most popular vegetables customers cook in Brava. To make, simply select Broccoli or Brussels Sprouts on your Brava. Select the cut, followed by the number of zones.

If you choose more than 3 zones, the recipe automatically becomes a Two Tray Cook, using the Brava Metal Tray on the top shelf and the Brava Glass Tray on the bottom shelf.  From there, follow the recipe instructions.

Watch Brava Chef Erin walk through what this looks like on Brava below:

Check back each week for more updates, as we’ll be releasing more Two Tray Cooks for vegetables. As always keep sharing your feedback! Tell us what you want to see more of by posting on Brava Home’s Facebook Community group.

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