Brava Now Lets You Cook Chicken Breast Without a TempSensor

While many Brava users love the TempSensor, we are excited to give you more options! As of today, Brava is releasing programs that enable any Brava user to cook chicken breasts without the TempSensor. This has been a longtime customer request, and our test kitchen chefs have been working hard to bring you this release. You’ll still be able to cook chicken breast with the TempSensor if desired; Brava is simply giving you more options.

Until now, all of our recipes for chicken breast required our patented TempSensor, which is one of the most accurate temperature reading devices on the market. Brava’s TempSensor has five unique reading points to signal Brava exactly what temperature your protein is at throughout the cooking process. Customers love using the TempSensor to yield a perfectly medium rare steak, or to cook pork chops, salmon, and chicken breasts with extra confidence.

However, sometimes, chicken breasts are too thin to use the TempSensor, or sometimes customers just don’t want to use it. That’s when Brava’s Time-Based cooking option comes in. You can read more about what this new feature looks like via Brava’s newest Software Release notes. Brava Chef Erin walks you through how this appears on Brava in the video below:

We will continue to release more of these options in the future — and your voice matters. Write to or post in Brava Home’s Facebook Community and share what protein you would like to see next.

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