What’s New 04/28/20

This week we’re releasing flavorful and fun new Custom Cooks from our chefs, cooking videos from our Facebook Live shows, and updates on the Brava and Brava App. Keep reading to get the scoop, and check back every Tuesday for details on our weekly releases!

New Custom Cook Recipes:

  • Indian Coconut Curry: Craving take-out? Try Brava Chef Travis’ Indian Coconut Curry! It comes together in less than an hour in the Brava Chef’s Pan. This recipe makes more than 6 generous servings; make it once and enjoy delicious, healthy leftovers all week. Serve with rice to bring it all together.
  • Cauliflower Gnocchi: The frozen Cauliflower Gnocchi from Trader Joe’s has developed a cult following over the last few years, so naturally Brava Chef Erin Brava-tized it! Chef Erin uses her Brava Metal Tray to achieve that crispy on the outside, pillowy on the inside texture.
  • Strawberry Upside Down Cake: Brava Chef Erin’s Strawberry Upside Down Cake combines a tangy buttermilk white cake base with sweet Spring strawberries. Since Brava’s lamps can heat so quickly, the strawberries get a caramelization while baking in the Brava Square Pan.

New Blog Post:

New Recipe Tips + Hacks:

  • Mini Pancake Muffins: Brava Chef Travis made Mini Pancake Muffins in the latest episode of his Facebook Live show, Breakfast in Brava. Watch the above video to learn how Chef Travis make this popular breakfast recipe four different ways in the Brava Egg Tray. For more, watch Brava Chef Travis LIVE on Facebook, Saturdays at 1pm PT!
  • Pork Tenderloin Tacos: Chef George Duran shares one of his favorite recipes for pork tenderloin tacos! Simply cook pork tenderloin on your Brava Metal Tray, and prepare the toppings while it cooks for an easy and delicious meal. Be sure to watch Chef George Duran LIVE on Facebook, Mondays @ 1pm PT.
  • Brava Chicken Parmesan: Chicken Parmesan is the quintessential Italian-American dish. Chef George Duran cooks this classic recipe in his Brava, making it faster and easier than ever! Watch the replay of his Facebook Live to learn how to make it using your Brava Metal Tray. For more videos like this, watch Chef George Duran LIVE on Facebook, Mondays @ 1pm PT.


  • Removed Frozen Chicken Tenders from the Brava to investigate overcooking and apply additional adjustments to the cook.
  • Removed the NY Strip Steak (Thin) option from the Brava. NY Strip Steak (Thin) has now been integrated into the regular NY Strip Steak ingredient.
  • Added 4, 5, and 6 Zones full options to the Asparagus ingredient. You can now cook 2 full trays of Asparagus.
  • Added a Thin option to the Salmon (Skin-On) and Salmon (Skinless) ingredients. These options can be used to cook Salmon that is too thin for the TempSensor.
  • Updated the Sirloin Steak’s Thickness screen to the improved Thickness screen.

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