Father’s Day Spotlight: Adam Von Rothfelder

For Father’s Day this year, Brava is highlighting various fathers within our Brava community, including chefs, influencers, customers, and Brava employees. Adam Von Rothfelder and his fam are big Brava fans, and he shared what keeps them fueled. Spoiler: lots of bacon!

  • Where do you live? Milwaukee, WI
  • How many kids do you have? I have two beautiful girls Arrow and Azalea who are 5 and 6…
  • Any other fun facts? …as well as a wife who I think loves the Brava even more than I do. And that’s saying a lot! We eat really healthy and pride ourselves [on] focusing on not only our nutrition but [also] our children’s.
  • Favorite Brava recipes and/or features? We really love the breakfast settings and options for Bacon and Eggs. It’s amazing making breakfast with no mess and no fuss. Nothing like getting dishes done while perfect eggs are being made with 0 effort. Recently made Brussels Sprouts and was blown away. Next is Bacon and Brussels Sprouts 🤤.
  • How frequently do you use the Brava per week? We use the Brava daily at least once if not twice.
  • How would you describe the Brava? I would describe the Brava as a time machine that cooks food with the power of the sun. It’s like an anti-nuclear nuclear reactor 😂. I love the sound the door makes and nothing better than watching my bacon cook from that screen.
  • What are your kids’ favorite foods in the Brava? My kids love bacon and fried avocados. We also have found that reheating pizza in it is amazing.
  • How has the Brava helped you be a better father? The Brava has helped me start to cook again. I set my day up to run a company, work out, and be a great dad. Those 3 things are everything. If I can make breakfast in half the time and multitask it’s a huge win. After all, I don’t want my kids not remembering me cooking for them. It gives them a sense of value and responsibility that I hope one day they will have with their own kids.

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