Influencer Spotlight: Chef Vanessa Musi

Brava is highlighting various members of our community, including customers and influencers. Today, we are featuring Vanessa Musi, a healthy pastry chef who specializes in paleo, keto, and plant-based confections!

  • Tell us about yourself: Born and raised in Mexico City, I was a foodie since I can remember. My love for food and baking started with making brownies with my Mom at 7 years old. I studied culinary arts and blacked out in my internship in the best restaurant in Mexico. [I] was diagnosed with hypoglycemia which started my journey to become one of the first bakers and pastry chefs to create a healthy way of baking 28 years ago. I worked and apprenticed under the best pastry chefs and graduated with honors from the French Pastry School. I am opening the first healthy pastry school in Austin, Texas. 
  • What’s it like using Brava for the first month you have started using it? Brava has really changed the way I bake and cook! SO much faster [and] efficient. [I]t’s by far the best convection smart oven I have tested. I loved cooking breakfasts, dinners, and family meals and getting the family involved. I have every gadget and appliance you can imagine, and finally my kids and husband took over cooking and baking with Brava. They loved the techie experience, the simplicity, and speed. One of the features that I LOVE is how crispy pizzas come out! WOW.
  • What is your favorite recipe to make in your Brava? I loved 3 recipes, actually the Tofu Scramble and the Fried Eggs from Brava have become a classic in my home. I just baked my own matcha scones yesterday and wow! Amazing!

Chef Musi and Brava Chef Annie will appear on IGTV via Brava Home‘s Instagram account on June, 29 2020 at 3pm PT/ 5pm CT. They will make Brownies in the Brava! Annie will make the conventional version, while Chef Musi will make a heathified version.

Read Chef Musi’s review of Brava on her website.

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