Father’s Day Spotlight: Ed Cunje

For Father’s Day this year, Brava is highlighting various fathers within our Brava community, including chefs, influencers, customers, and Brava employees. Our latest spotlight is one of our first customers, Ed Cunje, who won the #BravaMyPizza contest for his The Great Grape Pizza recipe.

  • Tell us about you! My name is Ed Cunje aka Edible Ed! I’ve worn many hats in the past, including working in child development, playing and coaching all kinds of sports, especially basketball and baseball, working in law enforcement, and cooking professionally. Unfortunately I cannot cook professionally any longer due to 6 back surgeries, but I do have my own YouTube cooking show! I am married to my long time sweetheart, Micaela and we have a 4 1/2 year old daughter named Emma. I’ve also dabbled in acting and modeling and even appeared on a game show a while ago. I even won the whole thing!
  • Favorite Brava recipes and/or features? I love making every and anything in my Brava! But one of my favorite things to make has to be my Brava award winning pizza, The Great Grape Pizza!
  • How does the family use the Brava? Everyone in my family loves using the Brava! It saves us so much time, giving us back valuable family time. I love saying that Brava makes time, something we can all use more of. I also love telling people about how amazing the Brava is.
  • How frequently do you use the Brava per week? Every day, multiple times a day.
  • How would you describe the Brava? The most amazing, smartest kitchen appliance ever created. It creates time.
  • What are your daughter’s favorite foods in the Brava? Salmon, Pizza, Steak, Broccoli, and Asparagus.
  • How has the Brava helped you be a better father? The Brava gives me the opportunity to spend more time with my beloved family. Trust me, I don’t complain about cooking. The kitchen is my happy place. But if I can create more time with my family, that helps us create more memories while enjoying healthy, delicious food, I’m in. Thank you Brava for being SOUPER awesome!

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