Father’s Day Spotlight: Jon Gray

For Father’s Day this year, Brava is highlighting various fathers within our Brava community, including chefs, influencers, customers, and Brava employees. Our latest spotlight is influencer Jon Gray, who loves Brava so much that he’s the proud owner of TWO to keep him and his three kids well fed.

  • What do you do? Hospitality/Gaming Executive
  • Where do you live? Las Vegas Nevada
  • How many kids do you have? 3 kids — 8 years old, 5 years old, 18 months
  • Favorite Brava recipes and/or features? I love Kale and Broccoli. So simple yet so good. Bacon is incredible as well and doesn’t smell up the whole house. Chicken Breasts and Steaks are amazing too!
  • How frequently do you use the Brava per week? Use it every day. Most times we use it 2-3 times a day.
  • How would you describe the Brava? Lifesaver! Have made so many amazing meals in this thing. It’s so easy and everything comes out great!
  • What are your kids’ favorite foods in the Brava? The kids love Chicken Nuggets, Hot Dogs, Pizzas and S’mores.
  • How has the Brava helped you be a better father? Brava has brought us together for a ton of meals and allowed us to spend time cooking together. We made Banana Nut Bread together the other day. The boys love seeing how things are made and helping put meals together.

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