Brava Life with Lauren Kleinman

We’re constantly amazed by the versatility Brava brings to the lives (and kitchens!) of our favorite customers, so we’ve decided to give you a sneak peek into their Brava-routines. Let’s kick it off with our friend, Lauren! Let’s see how she uses Brava in her daily life.

“I really believe that everyone should have a Brava in their home. It’s made life so much easier and more enjoyable for me and my family. It’s also a great gift! We didn’t have one at my mom’s house while vacationing with her so we bought her one because we couldn’t live without it. I guess you could say that was a gift for us too!”

— Lauren

About Lauren:

  • Mother of 2 under three years old
  • Entrepreneur and Founder of
  • Former Executive
  • Currently lives in Los Angeles

Favorite Thing About Brava:

“With two kids under three, I have little time or margin for error. Brava consistently makes me feel like a professional chef, while saving me time in the kitchen. Delicious and healthy food has never been easier or more fun – It’s lightyears beyond what an oven could ever do. Plus, there’s nothing my son loves more than to press Brava’s green button!”

Favorite Recipes:

Frequency of Use Per Week:

  • 5 by Lauren
  • 8 by her husband, Andy
  • 5 by her Mom who visits her

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