Brava’s Cooking Chamber May Look Small, but Here’s a Complete List of All the Big Meats You Can Cook Automatically

Don’t let the size of Brava’s cooking chamber deceive you. While it may seem small, Brava is quite capable of cooking up larger cuts of meat such as Tri-Tip, Leg of Lamb, Tomahawk Steak, Spatchcocked Chicken, and Pork Belly. You won’t even need to be a BBQ pitmaster either. Brava takes the guesswork out as the device has several preset recipes that automatically cook the meat to perfection for you. With the power of our lamps, Brava is able to get a caramelized, crisp sear while locking in the juices. All you have to do is select the cook program, follow the Guide Instructions, and go! 

There are several ways to enjoy these cuts in the Brava. Start with the basic recipe programs (seasoning with salt and pepper). For more flavor, try a dry rub or marinade, letting either rest on the meat (for a couple hours at least) to maximize the flavor. Once that flavor has seeped in, pat the meat dry with paper towels to achieve a sear. The culinary team made unique programs for dry-rubbed or marinated meats, so make sure you select those programs for optimal results.

At Brava we’re always looking to add new recipe programs, so if there is a big meat that you don’t see available, please email us what it is at and our R&D culinary team will put it to the test!

Check out the full list below. Feed a crowd or meal prep and treat yourself 🙂

Brava Programs (Servings of meat above 2 pounds):

Dry Rubs:

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