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If there was ever a time for easy recipes, this is it! This week we’re sharing recipes that take the guesswork out of cooking and baking. We’re talking major flavor, minimal prep.  Rosemary Parmesan Potatoes and Ginger Molasses Cookies are classics that will never go out of style, and thanks to the Brava, they have never been easier to make! Just prep the ingredients, press that green button, and let the Brava do the rest. Check back every Tuesday for more delicious updates!

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  • Roasted Rosemary Parmesan Potatoes: This tasty recipe uses just a few ingredients and comes together quickly. Chef Annie loves the simplicity of this dish, which relies on rosemary and Parmesan for a classic savory flavor. To make, roast Yukon gold potatoes with olive oil, salt, and rosemary on the Brava Metal Tray. Serve with a generous amount of Parmesan cheese and lots of flaky salt for good measure.
  • Ginger Molasses Cookies: It’s cookie season! It’s time to get festive and these Ginger Molasses Cookies will bring the holiday spirit. Candied ginger and molasses lend chewiness to this holiday classic, which is studded with warm spices. Pro tip? Roll the cookies in coarse sugar before baking on the Brava Metal Tray. Chef Travis uses Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Sugar, but turbinado, demerara, or sugar in the raw are great options as well.

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