What’s New, 12/01/20

This week is all about classic warming recipes to welcome December! From Matzo Ball Soup and Apple Spice Cake, these new recipes are sure to impress for the holidays or on a cozy night in. Check back every Tuesday for more new recipe releases.

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  • Matzo Ball Soup: This Matzo Ball Soup has a comforting chicken soup base along with fluffy matzo balls. The soup base cooks at the press of a button in Brava Chef’s Pan before matzo balls poach in the broth. Matzo balls are made using the traditional Jewish ingredients, matzo meal and smaltz, and are commonly eaten during the Passover holiday. Enjoy on any cold night, and garnish with fresh dill to serve.
  • Apple Spice Cake: This Apple Spice Cake from Chef Erin tastes like apple pie, but it’s so much easier to make! It’s studded with warm spices, fresh Gala apples, and a hint of lemon. This easy and tasty treat will make your kitchen smell incredible while it bakes in the Brava Square Pan.

New Videos:

  • Five New Brava Tutorial Videos: Looking for easy hacks for cooking in the Brava? These tutorial videos from Chef Travis are for you. Learn how to sear steak, cook bacon, and use the Temp Sensor with Chef Travis’ crash courses on highly requested hacks.

Changes: We also sent out another weekly update to everyone’s Bravas. Here are the changes:

  • Recipe Changes:
    • Adjusted the Brava Stuffing recipe to sear for less time using the top lamps.

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