What’s New, 01/26/21

The Big Game is quickly approaching – cue the recipes! For the next two weeks we’re releasing new classics for your game day spread. Air Fried Potato Skins and Brava Pigs in a Blanket are must-haves for your menu, and if you’re craving something healthy-ish, those bases are covered, too. Check back every Tuesday for more tasty updates.

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  • Air Fried Potato Skins – What’s better than potato skins on game day? Brava Air Fried Potato Skins, of course. This recipe is the crispier, easier-to-share version of a loaded baked potato. Potato skins are piled high with shredded cheese, crispy bacon, and sliced green onions before a quick Brava Air Fry on the Glass Tray. When done, top with any of your favorite fixin’s.
  • Pigs in a Blanket — There may be no finger food that’s more cherished than pigs in a blanket, so Chef Travis created a version that comes together quickly on the Metal Tray for you. Follow the recipe as is or top the pigs in a blanket with your favorite seasoning, such as everything bagel seasoning, sesame seeds, or poppy seeds. Serve with flakey salt, mustard, ketchup, or your favorite dipping sauce.

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  • How to Cook a 3-Zone Recipe: Brava’s Multi-Zone technology makes it super simple to put an entire meal together at the press of a button. With Brava’s Multi-Zone recipes, or 3-Zone recipes, you can cook ingredients that require different amounts of heat, on the same tray, at the same time. Chef Travis shares everything you need to know about this Brava feature.
  • How to Insert the TempSensor: Chef Travis breaks down his tips for using Brava’s patented TempSensor, one of the most accurate temperature reading devices on the market. Brava’s TempSensor has five unique reading points to signal Brava exactly what temperature your protein is at throughout the cooking process. Customers love using the TempSensor to yield a perfectly medium rare steak or to cook pork chops, salmon, and chicken breasts with extra confidence.

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