What’s New, 03/02/21

This week is all about tasty recipes that are impossibly easy to pull off, even when you don’t feel like cooking. Add Brava Hash Browns and Thai Panang Beef Curry to your rotation stat and thank us later. Keep reading to get the details, and check back every Tuesday for more Brava updates.

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  • Hash Browns: Brava Eggs have met their match: Brava Hash Browns! This recipe comes together on the Metal Tray, which gives these hash browns that classic golden brown and crispy exterior we love.
  • Panang Beef Curry: If you love Thai food, this recipe is a must. Panang Beef Curry is a classic central Thai dish, which gets its characteristic flavor from chilies, Thai spices, peanuts and coconut milk. Make this recipe in the Chef’s Pan and serve with your favorite rice.

New Videos:

  • Chicken Parmesan: Chicken Parmesan is a quintessential Italian-American dish. Chef George Duran puts his Brava spin on this classic. Thanks to the Brava’s Sear function, this recipe has those coveted caramelized brown bits of melted cheese we crave. Serve with fresh basil.

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