We Brava-tized these 10 Viral TikTok Recipes

We tried these 10 viral TikTok  recipes in the Brava and spoiler alert: we’re hooked. Here’s what we’ve tried and what we’ll be cooking up next.

Tried & True TikTok Favorites

  • Shake Shack Smash Burger: What’s crispy, savory, and comes together at the press of a button? This Shake Shack style smash burger from Chef George. Don’t skimp on the secret sauce.
  • Banana Bread:  Banana Bread was the recipe star of the internet in 2020 and we’re still going strong. Try our classic recipe, or add chocolate chips like Chef George Duran.
  • Birria Tacos: Birria tacos are having a moment, and Chef George uses Brava Air Fry to make a version that’s so crispy and juicy, it’ll rival your favorite local joint.
  • Baked Oats: Blending oatmeal into a batter and baking it like a cake? Sign us up. This recipe uses the Egg Tray to make mini pancakes as a fun take on this trend.
  • Dump and Bake Mac and Cheese: Just when we thought Mac and Cheese couldn’t get any better, Chef George made a recipe that doesn’t require cooking the pasta beforehand. Add bacon for extra flavor.
  • Feta Pasta: You didn’t think we’d do a roundup of Tik Tok recipes and forget the most viral recipe of all, did you?! Try this insanely popular and delicious recipe in the Chef’s Pan or Square Pan.
  • Tortilla Wrap Hack: Tortilla hack but make it sweet with classic s’mores ingredients and Nutella! Give the recipe a try and add in your favorite sweet ingredients.
  • Buttermilk Donuts: Need an excuse to make donuts from scratch without spending too much time? This is the recipe for you. Store-bought biscuit dough is an easy shortcut here.

What We’re Trying Next:

Keep an eye out for new takes on the Brava Omelette and other trending recipes on TikTok!

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