What’s In Season – Fall

The Brava culinary team can’t sing the praises of seasonal cooking enough. Eating seasonally simply means cooking with fresh produce that is harvested in it’s “peak season”, or an optimal time of year for the best possible flavor and texture. If you’re cooking with peak-of-season produce, the ingredients are doing most of the heavy lifting when it comes to flavor. We’re rounding up the best of this season’s produce along with our favorite Brava recipes. Save this for your next trip to the grocery store or farmer’s market.

  • Grapes – Roast grapes at 450* F on the Brava Bake function. Enjoy on toasted baguette slices with your favorite cheese.
  • Kale
  • Pears – Sub pears into any of the Brava apple recipes, too.
  • Persimmon – Sub roasted persimmons in place of peaches in our Bourbon Smash with ginger.

Screenshot this produce guide below and bring it with you next time you go shopping!

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